5 Reasons Why Teens Must Not Drink And Engage In Drugs

The teenage years is one of the most crucial periods in one’s life. There’s a lot of exploration and experimentation that happen during these years. The people around us will contribute much to shaping our personality and our habits. If we are lucky enough to have companions with good influence, they can lead us to the right track. If not, they may lead us to a miserable life and introduce us to life-destructing habits like drug and alcohol abuse.

It helps a lot in a child’s growing years to have supportive and communicative parents. Some problems begin when parents do not care about important events in their kid’s lives and keep missing them. All the more, here are the reasons why drinking and taking drugs are never a solution to your teenage problems:

  • Having Problems At School 

Teens can get under a lot of pressure to pass exams and succeed in school, especially whenthey are having difficulties with subjects they find particularly hard and challenging. These may frustrate them and make them resort to drinking and taking drugs. However, getting into these activities instead of studying harder may just worsen their performance in school. When parents do not know what the kids are going through, their performance in school will continues to decrease. When the situation further evolves, it will be difficult for them to get through college and even harder for them to support themselves later on in life. 

  • Trouble With Teachers & With Their Parents                                     

Taking drugs and drinking alcohol have the ability to change your personality. It keeps you from having a sound mind. Teens who engage in these bad habits are often seen to be easily angry, withdrawn, and depressed. Their relationships with teachers in school and parents at home get strained.

  • Getting Into Trouble With Law 

Teens who are into drug addiction and alcoholism not only have strained relationships with the people they love, but also get into trouble with the law. Because of poor thinking as a result of these bad habits, they opt to steal to have the means to continue with their addiction. The people who influenced them to get into substance abuse can lead them further to engage in vandalism, violence, and unprotected sex. 

  • Problems With Mental And Physical Health

Drugs have various effects on the body. The contents of these drugs are strong enough to cause damage to the user’s brain. The manifestations of the damage include seizures, memory loss, and coma. Drugs are the cause of the user’s health problems like irregular heart rate and liver and kidney failure. Teens who engage in substance addiction end up with an accidental drug overdose and even death.

  • Problems With Alcoholism, Especially Drug Addiction 

Drug addiction during the teenage years has a high percentage of being carried all throughout adulthood. According to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, 90% of drinking, smoking, and drug addicts began their habit since high school.

Drug addiction and alcoholism affect their users for a long time. Parents should take part in looking after their children, especially during these years where it is deemed crucial. Teenagers should know that they are not the solution for the problems they encounter at this stage.

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