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Common But Very Dangerous Things People Use to Get High

There is no end to the imagination of people wanting to get high. This is particularly so with individuals who are trying to avoid heroin and other well-known drugs. Some of these people believe that lesser known or improvised drugs are not as dangerous as the infamous ones. Here are the weirdest ways some people get high and as dangerous as any other drugs.

“Don’t spend your life getting high on drugs, get high on life.” – Unknown

Hand Sanitizer

A lot of sanitizers contain ethanol as an ingredient to kill germs on your hands. Some of the “smarter” teenagers have realized that they could try and use it instead of alcoholic beverages to get drunk without getting a fake ID.

Now, the problem is, some hand sanitizers use isopropyl alcohol, which is completely safe to use on the skin but is very dangerous if ingested. Isopropyl Alcohol will attack your nervous system and internal organs, causing dizziness at first. However, it is dangerous enough to cause kidney damage, blindness, and even brain damage.

Even those hand sanitizers that use Ethanol (as the safest form of alcohol) are still incredibly strong, being 50% more potent than vodka, and still containing other, potentially toxic, ingredients. 


Yes, freon, the gas used in your freezers, refrigerators, and air conditioning units to keep you, or your food, cold, can also get you high. Breathing it in will cause euphoria, but it is very dangerous. Apart from its toxicity, the first issue is found in the mere fact that it is very, very cold and can cause frostbite on your face or your airways. Once successfully used, it can cause heart, brain, and liver damage to the user or even death.


Nutmeg oil actually contains a small amount of myristicin which is psychoactive. Depending on the amount ingested (through smoking, eating, or drinking the spice), the high experiences can differ. The effect on the user goes between a slight buzz to actual hallucinations. However, the user must have a lot of spare time as the effects take hours to kick in and will last for days. Side effects include drowsiness, vomiting, dizziness, and horrible headaches. It is possible to overdose, but you would have to use an obscene amount of nutmeg to do so.


Another household item turned into a dangerous drug. The National Institute on Drug Abuse warns of the dangers of this drug. In their report, they have stated that in a year, over 700, 000 kids used this or a similar inhalant.  The thing is, they are filled with nitrous oxide, which is already a well-known drug.

Dentists use it to prep their patients for surgery. And, as we have seen in comical movies, it will cause euphoria and laughter. Apart from that, it can also cause organ damage, suffocation, and death.

Purple Drank

This is basically the abuse of codeine to get high. It is a mixture of cough syrup and soda and it was popularized by rappers back in the nineties. Abusing codeine in this way will cause mild euphoria in the user. However, it will also make the user lethargic and drowsy. As the dose increases, it can slow down the nervous system so much that the user can simply stop breathing.


This term is sometimes used to describe getting high from cans of compressed air commonly used as dust cleaners. The principle is simple, huff the gas coming out and the increased amount of hydrocarbons will affect your brain. The problem is that it can cause temporary paralysis, which can lead to oxygen deprivation and even death.

Vodka Eyeballing

The logic behind this one is very simple – eyelids are rather thin and have readily accessible blood vessels. Putting alcohol drenched tampons on your eyelids (or other places with fragile skin)  will get alcohol faster into your bloodstream without going through your liver first and will get you drunk a lot faster.

While true, there is a big problem with this. Your liver does a lot to keep you safe. This way the alcohol enters your bloodstream in a really high concentration, and it is very easy to get alcohol poisoning this way (not to mention damage your eyes while drunkenly trying to put more tampons on them).


The main idea behind using catnip as a drug is the effect it has on cats. Catnip was actually used back in the sixties as a substitute for marijuana, but it seems like it is making its comeback. It can be ingested through tea or smoked and will cause relaxation, giddiness and mild euphoria. The side effects include nausea, vomiting, headaches, and slowness.

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