There’s no doubt that every one of us has a dream we wanted to pursue and achieve. However, most of us are unable to do so because of some constraints that hold us back in pursuing our dreams. Maybe we’re facing physical or financial constraints where proper education or training ground in achieving our dream is not possible.

Some of us are bound to pay our bills and responsibilities first, leaving no room to set aside for our ambitions and goals. Or maybe you find yourself in a tight situation where there is simply no opportunity given for you to practice your passion. While some of us received tons of advice from our friends saying that chasing your dreams is not worth it.

You may have felt like the universe is conspiring you against achieving your dream, but it’s no reason for you to give up your dreams. Let us inspire you with these reasons to help you in achieving your dream.

1. They make your life worth living.


No matter how many times your friends or loved ones will tell you that it’s not worth it, it will never be true. You have to remember that it’s always worth it. After all, your dream is the sole reason why you’re still breathing up to this day. Self-gratification and self-fulfillment exist for a reason. They are the reason why we chose to live and struggle with life. Our dreams exist to become our anchor to keep going, keep moving, in order to achieve and live the life how we want it to be. Maybe to them, it’s not worth it, because it’s not their dream. But for you? It’s definitely worth it! No matter what happens.

2. You can be an inspiration to others

Once you’ve accomplished your dream, that’s the time you can finally say that you’ve fulfilled your mission in life. What’s next for you, you ask? Oftentimes you’ll found yourself wanting to inspire others too. You’ve experienced firsthand how difficult it was to achieve your dream. Imagine the million other people out there struggling to accomplish their dream as yours?

As much as possible, you wouldn’t want that to happen. So, you’ll most likely be inclined to help others achieve their dream too. Which will lead you, in accomplishing another dream or mission in life? Yes, your newfound mission will be to help others achieve their dream. Isn’t it meaningful to live a life like this? In your own little ways not only you’re living your dream, but you’re also making the world a better and worthy place to live.

3. Working in a job you hate makes the days go slowly

One of the reasons why most of us fell in the identity crisis is because we felt trapped in doing a job that we hate. We felt like our time is going slowly, we’re not motivated enough to do our best. And because of this, we felt depressed because we know this life is not for us. But what can we do? It can pay our bills, our responsibilities, and leisure. If we quit, where does it will lead us? Oftentimes our dreams cannot pay us especially if we’re still starting out.


We recommend you take moderate risk. Moderate in a way where you must be strong enough to reach your dream. If you want to get out from this misery. But not risky enough to throw your life altogether. Before you file that resignation, at least find a suitable job as a replacement so that you won’t be left with nothing. If you still can’t find a job that is in line with your passion or dream, find one that is closest to your passion. At least, in that way, you can gain experience as you climb your path towards the realization of your dream.

Achieving your dreams may be difficult, but you must be strong enough to stand and fight for your dreams. Because if you won’t believe in yourself, who else will believe in you? The fulfillment of your life starts within you before anything else.

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