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The 5 Most Commonly Abused Drugs

Habit-forming drugs pose a grave threat to a person’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being. The long-term effects can be very destructive on the drug-dependent body, including on the unborn baby of the user.  It is crucial to know what typical substances are out there, what their street names,  and the things they could do to you.

“Tobacco and opium have broad backs, and will cheerfully carry the load of armies, if you choose to make them pay high for such joy as they give and such harm as they do.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

COCAINE (Crack, Coke, Toot, Blow, Bump, Snow, Candy)

snorting-cocaineCocaine is a very strong stimulant made from coca plant leaves. It may be used in medicine for legitimate reasons — such as an anesthesia. However, being a Schedule II drug, it has a high potential for abuse. As a street drug, it is processed into a  whitish rock crystal or powder. The user either snorts, smokes, or injects the chemical into the body (in liquid form). As with all drugs, the “high” feeling brought by the substance covers up the ill-effects it has on the overall functioning of the individual. One grave danger is the spread of HIV and other infectious diseases through the sharing of needles.


In the olden days, hallucinogenic plants were used for religious rituals to help detach individuals from reality and focus on their spirituality. The drugs are now used for many reasons, usually to induce a relaxing state. Once abused, they disrupt a person’s rational thinking and speech ability. In severe cases, a person may not recognize the reality and as a result, exhibit a dangerous and bizarre behavior. Long after the drug is taken, the user would still experience heart rate abnormalities and withdrawal syndrome.

HEROIN (Dope, Skag, Skunk, Brown Sugar, Horse, China White)


It is made from the seed pod of the Asian opium poppy plant. Heroin is an opioid drug coming from morphine. Opioid drugs are painkillers or the ones we take to ease physical discomfort. Heroin is highly addictive, and consuming it not only impacts on the person’s health and behavior but also on society as well. The spread of adverse health conditions such as AIDS, hepatitis, fetal defects, and social illnesses like crime, violence, dysfunctional relationships cannot be overemphasized.

 METHAMPHETAMINE (Meth, Crank, Speed, Chalk, Ice, Shabu)

The substance is extremely addictive because of its amphetamine component.  Amphetamines stimulate the body’s central nervous system to treat disorders like narcolepsy, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and obesity. It’s one of the celebrities’ favorite go-to drugs because taking them keeps them highly energetic and awake longer. It also curbs their appetite. Nevertheless, these are just short-term results that in no way can erase the destruction it does to the person.

MARIJUANA (Weed, Dope, Grass, Pot, Joint, Hemp, Herb, Mary Jane, Trees, Hash)


It comes from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa. The substance can be taken through smoking or eating (combined with food/drinks).  Repetitive use of marijuana results in a chronic cough, respiratory ailments, loss of balance and body coordination, panic attacks, and even slow comprehension. Young people who have the misfortune of being exposed to marijuana tend to suffer from poor academic performance because of the drug’s lasting effect on their cognitive development.

Now that we know them well , let’s think twice before we mess around with any one of them.

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