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Delve More into the World of Drugs: What Does Pharmacophobia Mean?

When we talk about drugs, the first thing that comes to our mind are substances that are lethal to our health and well-being. We may have witnessed how the cases of drug addiction and substance abuse are rampant in today’s society. Also, we may have resolved to avoid getting involved and addicted to drugs.

Drugs spell trouble not only to individual users but also to society as a whole. We never want to undergo the painful process of addiction and overcoming it. We know how drugs can destroy life, relationships, and the society. That’s why we feel that avoiding drug is never a bad thing, right?

While we admit that avoiding drugs can significantly help improve your health and life, that’s not always the case. Why? Remember that too much is always bad. Some people have this insane fear of drugs. They are the ones we call Pharmacophobic.

While  avoiding drugs can greatly help improve your health and life, that’s not always the case.

What is Pharmacophobia?

Pharmacophobia is a clinical condition that relates to the fear of drugs. You may think that it’s a good thing to be afraid of drugs (by default), but we tell you, it’s not. Pharmacophobic people with are scared of taking any type of drugs.

Yes. Even pharmaceutical drugs. The fear varies to some extent. There are those individuals who are afraid of medicinal drugs, others of narcotics and others both. They are scared of injecting any type of drug into their body.

Why Does Having Pharmacophobia a Problem?

This phobia becomes a problem to the victims because their immune systems eventually become weak (except if they eat healthily). We all know that lack of vaccination may expose us to certain diseases such as chicken pox and dangerous ones such as meningococcemia. If a pharmacophobic person doesn’t get vaccinated, he or she becomes prone to contracting deadly diseases. In case of a pandemic, their bodies won’t have enough line of defense against these diseases.

People with Pharmacophobia fear the side effects of drugs

We can’t blame these people for fearing drugs because of some have horrendous effects. Besides the fact that illegal drugs are dangerous to human health, even the pharmaceutical and legal drugs pose risk to the body. Just one mistake on the dosage drugs can be fatal.

Moreover, medicinal drugs have side effects. Some of them include possible blood clots, heart problems, liver failure, and even cancer after an extended use of many prescription medications.

What Can You Do to Help People with Pharmacophobia?

There’s no doubt that people with Pharmacophobia fight a fiercer battle than drug addicts. We must let them understand the importance of taking medicinal drugs. You can show support to them and be by their side during every medical appointment. Explain to them how taking the right dosage can help them become healthier.

But aside from giving your genuine and honest support, it is also important to seek professional help. Medical experts can better explain things to the victim. They know the science behind Pharmacophobia, so they are more likely to understand the behavior of your loved one. These experts also know the right approach to Pharmacophobic people. It may be a lifetime battle for them, but if they could just cross the bridge and learn to control the fear, it would make a big difference.

What About You?

Do you happen to have Pharmacophobia? If not, do you happen to know someone who has a Pharmacophobia? Although this is a rare case, but there are some people who are suffering from it. If you do know someone, kindly share this article with them. It might help them overcome the fear and finally live a healthy, normal life.

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