Tips to Avoid Triggering Eating Depression During Holidays

holiday eating depressionThe Holiday season every year is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing in the sense that we get to bond with our family in a get-together dinner or events. A curse in the sense where we dreaded coming to the food table because we fear of ruining our diet. We don’t want to see other people eating those delicious foods while we drool in jealousy because it’s forbidden for us to eat it. This frustration that comes from withholding to eat during the Holiday season often leads to depression.

How do we enjoy ourselves this Holiday season without feeling the effects of depression and deprivation from foods? Here are our top 5 healthy tips.

1. Embrace the Events

We know that attending special events while you’re on a diet can be a challenge. But we want you to remember the true essence of these special occasions. It’s not always about food. It’s about spending quality time together with your family. Do you really want to ruin this special day with your family just because you’re worrying about foods?

We wouldn’t want that. So, instead of worrying about foods, try to spend most of your time together with your family. Chit-chat with them, catch up with the things you’ve missed for the past year. And before you know it, you’ll find yourself talking more than eating the foods in the buffet.

2. Eat in Moderation


One technique we certainly recommend is to get a small portion of each food on the table. In this way, you have the chance to taste every meal or recipe served on the table. You wouldn’t feel deprived because you couldn’t eat that appetizing cake or ice cream. Then when you decide which meals are satisfying enough for you to eat, that’s where you’ll return for seconds. Just remember though that you need to eat in moderation. If you feel like you’re nearly full, stop taking for seconds or third now and let your stomach digests the foods properly.

3. Prepare Healthy Foods Whenever Possible

If your family decides to celebrate the Holiday in your house, then you’re in luck. This means that you get to prepare the foods. You’re in control of the foods. So this is the perfect time for you to cook foods that are healthy and nutritious. Not only you get to maintain your healthy eating habits this Holiday, but your family will also thank you for thinking about their health. Your family will also get healthy this Holiday season by eating your foods. And remember nothing beats a healthy, nutritious, homemade foods made with tender love and care!

4. Bring a Healthy Salad with you

When you’re done eating the main course of the night, it is most likely that you will binge-eat the appetizers and desserts served on the table. And because these cookies, cakes, etc are small in portions, we often took our food portion in granted. We tend to nibble on these foods for a long time without really caring how much we’ve eaten already. This often leads to overeating.

So instead of nibbling these craving foods, satisfy yourself with a healthy snack like veggie salad. Pack a salad with you and eat them while you talk with your family and friends. In this way, you wouldn’t find yourself wandering in the kitchen constantly. Thus, you won’t be tempted to eat foods more than you need to eat.

5. Exercise like it’s normal day

Before the main event of the day, or night, be sure to stay physically fit for the rest of the day. Just because it’s Holiday season, it now exempts you from exercising or working out. In fact, this is the best time to workout! Exercise in the morning (preferably with HIIT) so that you’ll be your muscles will be ready to burn the foods you’ll be eating in the night. Your metabolism and muscles will burn like crazy then! The foods you eat will feed your muscles as it tears down to build leaner and stronger ones. This will result in you building a firm and leaner body than before!

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