Famous People Who Were Busted for Carrying or Doing Drugs

A widespread notion is that drug laws mostly target the commoners, the less wealth. However, you’d be shocked to know that some of the most loved celebs of our time were busted for taking banned substance. Many of these drug bust cases hit the headlines of the popular dailies and tabloids, while many other cases were not covered by the mainstream media for reasons best known to them.

To begin with, Mischa Barton was detained in 2007 as she was allegedly driving under influence. As if this was not enough, police also found sizeable amount of marijuana in her car. Under DUI laws of the state, she was fined a hefty $10,000 and she had to spend more than seven hours in police custody. This is not the only incident of substance abuse in her life. Reportedly, she got admitted in a hospital due to overdose of some bronchitis medication.

Dionne Warwick is perhaps the most senior of Hollywood celebrities who got busted for either doing or carrying drugs. Dionne was detained at Wilcox Field, Miami for the officials suspected her of smuggling drugs. Dionne, then 61, tried to escape but was caught red-handed with eleven cigarettes filled with marijuana. The cigarettes were hidden in a lipstick container. She missed her flight to LA that day and was put in a holding cell at the Miami airport. She also had to appear in the court after this incident.

Only in 2008, rapper Lil’ Wayne got arrested along with two friends of her for possessing drugs. He was on tour and his bus was stopped by border patrolling force. Sniffer dogs searched the vehicle and it was eventually found that he was carrying drugs and three guns. In total, 29 grams of cocaine, 105 grams of marijuana and 41 grams of ecstasy were recovered from this youth icon. Wayne was arrested right after that. Well, this was not the first time Lil’ Wayne got busted. In a span of five to six weeks before this incident, he got arrested for carrying weapons and drugs several times.


Bobby Brown makes no bones about his addiction to drugs and he has been pretty much an ‘inspiration’ for his fans when it comes to doing drugs. Bobby has been arrested several times for carrying illegal stuff, and once he got caught with cocaine. He has been in and out of drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres, and his stint at Betty Ford Center made quite a lot of stir. No matter how many times he get detained for carrying drugs or how many times he has to go to the rehab, it seems Bobby cannot simply shake it off.

Fiona Apple’s run-in with law happened in 2012 when she got arrested during a routine border check somewhere in Texas. Police found a good amount of hashish in her bus. She later admitted that the hashish was hers and had to pay a hefty fine.

If you don’t want to invite fresh trouble, you might take cue from the incidents described above. Steer clear of drugs. Take care!

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