4 Tips to Live a Healthy Life Alcohol, Drug, and Smoke-Free

We’ve all heard how most people, especially the youth, had succumbed to the pleasures of life. Many people, whether celebrities or not, destroyed their lives as they indulged in addiction. Some were going in and out of rehabilitation centers to treat drug or substance abuse. Some had gone to a therapist to treat their alcoholism or smoking habits. The dangers and risks it brought to our life can be scary.

And as much as possible, we wanted to stay away from these temptations. But how can we do that when temptation is everywhere? Wherever we go, we often find ourselves in a dangerous situation where our friends, and even some members of our family, are addicts. How do we free ourselves from these addictions and live a healthier life?

Here are our top 4 tips in order for you to live a healthy life free from alcohol, drugs, or smoke addictions.

1. Avoid tempting situations.

Sometimes, our ego can get the better of us. Most of those people who had gone addict wanted to prove themselves that they’ve fully recovered by facing these temptations head-on. It means that they will go with their friends who are addicts and exposed themselves to these temptations once again. And when they’ve found themselves they’re able to resist indulging in it. Their ego feeds their self-gratification.


While this method may work sometimes, most of the cases it’s not. In fact, this is highly dangerous. It’s because you’re still fragile to these temptations. Whether you’re already an addict or not, better avoid these types of situations before it got the better of you. If you have friends who are a bad influence on you, better cut them out of your life.

2. Support yourself with a positive network

This is actually in connection with number 1. In order to live a healthy and positive life, you need to surround yourself with optimism. Never let yourself stray down in negative vibes. Negativity will only leave you feeling depressed. And when you’re depressed? That’s where you’ll become exposed and prone to addiction.

If you feel like life is becoming more difficult, lean on to your friends for help. Share your hardship to them. Your true friends will listen to you without passing any judgment. And you’ll find yourself getting off a burden on your chest when you’re done sharing it. Afterward, your friends will give you advice on how to cope up with the challenges you’re encountering. In no time you’ll find yourself solving your problems without destroying yourself.

3. Live a Healthy Lifestyle


While you’re still young, it’s important to live a healthy diet and exercise. Not only it will make you look and feel physically fit, but it will also help you in avoiding these addictions in destroying your body. We’ve often seen how our bodies and mental health got destroyed when we succumbed to these addictions. Do we really want our body to suffer these horrendous effects? We sure wouldn’t want that. So avoid indulging yourself in these addictions and instead, try to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

4. Develop Positive and Productive Hobbies

We all know that removing a hobby is difficult. These addictions weren’t done overnight. It’s a product of doing and indulging ourselves in things chronically. So when you try to change these habits, it’s going to be difficult. Furthermore, you need to actually add something that will replace your past bad habits.

That’s where your positive habits come in! When you found yourself seeking that old, bad habits for comfort, you need to pause for a while. Take a deep breath and formulate your diversion strategy. List down the habits or things that enjoy you and do that instead of succumbing to your old, treacherous habits.

Do you enjoy reading a book? Listening to music? Or perhaps painting or writing? Then do that instead of seeking to sip a glass or wine or that deadly stick. Interested in cooking, baking, or gardening? Try to enroll in these classes to learn them. Engaging yourself in something productive will not only help you avoid straying back to your old habits, but it can also help your life become more meaningful than it was before.

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