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3 Ways to Determine Whether You’ve Lost Weight or Not

For most people, losing weight is among this year’s resolutions. Weight loss seems a pauper’s dream for various individuals because they have to control mindless eating, watch their diet, and consistently exercise to lose weight. Sometimes, people get frustrated because their efforts seem to be in vain.

They become anxious and dread weighing on the scale, afraid to see that the scale has not moved (or worse, it has moved to the right!) indicating that they’ve either maintained their weight or we gained more. This makes them feel like the is crashing down on them. Often, people blame themselves thinking that they went wrong somewhere. The worst-case scenario is when they resort to surgery or taking pills due to desperation.

Truth be told, you don’t need to suffer that much just because the scale has not moved. Don’t let yourself be enslaved with what the scale is telling you. There are far, better ways of determining whether you’ve lost weight or not.

“I am beginning to measure myself in strength, not pounds. Sometimes in smiles.” ~Laurie Halse Anderson

What are the indicators that you’ve lost weight? Read on

You need to resize your rings

ladies wedding rings

If you think that your belly is the only thing that shrinks when you lose weight, think again! Surprisingly, your fingers become leaner too! So the next time you wonder why a certain ring fits you yet it didn’t fit you before, you have the answer. Your fingers also store fats like the rest of your body. Your fingers naturally bloat because of water retention, thus, increasing your ring size. However, when you’ve lost some weight, the tissues around your fingers also starts to release the water and fat.

You look thinner when you look yourself in the mirror

This is a critical reminder to all who have undergone some dietary changes in their lives. Your scale might not have moved, but you can determine whether you’ve lost weight or not by seeing your own body! Yes! We know that is must have been hurt and humiliating to see the ugly version of you in front of the mirror (and don’t get us wrong, you are beautiful, just that it was not your ideal body at the moment). However, but believe us when we say that the mirror can also be your great weight loss buddy, especially if you want to see whether you’ve lost weight or not!


How? By staring at your body! We want you to take some time to look at yourself in the mirror. You’ll notice that you’ve gained some muscles, or your body looks more stable and firmer than before. That’s because you might not have lost any weight, but you’re definitely losing some fats and gaining some muscles! You’re leaner and sexier than before! Another way to determine whether you’ve lost weight or not is by taking before and after photos.

You crave less for sweet foods

One benefit that you reap from losing weight is the ability to sate your cravingsYou become able to resist the temptation you once had for sweet or salt cravings! As such, there is no more constant battle between your heart and mind! Of course, it doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to indulge in these foods anymore. You can still indulge in them, but with moderation!

Remember that it’s okay if you base your weight loss through the scales, but you should not rely on it solely to assess your success or failure. You need to see your weight loss success in the bigger picture, especially on your health aspect. Are you sleeping better than before? Do you feel more energetic than before? Are you able to do the activities you didn’t imagine you could do before? If your answer is yes, then those signs are enough for you to conclude that you’ve lost some weight.

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