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11 Major Depression Symptoms To Be Watched

When you look at a person, it’s hard to tell what kind of demon sits on their shoulder, tormenting their thoughts. Not even when the person you’re looking at is yourself. For some people, happens only once in a lifetime, while for others, it may come in episodes. During these episodes, symptoms occur almost every day and they last all day long. For many among those suffering from depression, symptoms have to become really severe before anyone notices, including themselves.

“Anyone who has actually been that sad can tell you that there’s nothing beautiful or literary or mysterious about depression.”  – Jasmine Warga

Here, we give you a list of symptoms and how to deal with them.

Unexplained physical problems

Do you often feel back pain, neck pain, headaches or nausea for no obvious reason? If you have a neck pain that is not coming from an uncomfortable sleeping position or from an injury, maybe you should check if that “ghost pain” isn’t coming from your subconsciousness.

Troubles with your mind

All of a sudden your thinking, focusing, and remembering started being fallible. Just until recently, you were able to remember everything you needed to do but now the tasks at your job are time and energy consuming and they are out of your control. On top of that, every difficult decision you have to make is killing you inside and when you need to think, you feel like your mind is absent. Is this so with you?

You’ve become very slow

Slow speaking, slow movements, slow thinking. It just seems like everything is too difficult. Getting up in the morning, going to the shower, going to work – you can’t seem to find energy for all of that. Even going to see your friends is simply exhausting, and you move according to how you feel.

You’ve lost your appetite

Have you lost your will to eat? Well, this is the most common symptom of depression. Even the things you used to love are not interesting anymore. Now, you just eat when you absolutely have to in order to stay alive. On the other hand, some people tend to eat more when they are depressed. Don’t look only at the reduced appetite as the depression symptom. Even the increased food craving could be a sign of a serious depression.

Do you get angry for no reason?

Irritability, frustration and angry outbursts over insignificant matters are also a common sign of a depression. Most of the things and people that surround you become irritating. Every little sound they make and every little thing they do just makes you so frustrated, right? You may even feel like you could burst. Sometimes you really do burst with anger, and later on, you regret it.

Feelings of worthlessness

You may feel like you are never good enough for anything and that there is always someone better. There is always that one mistake that haunts you late at night when you can’t fall asleep and makes you feel like you already messed everything up and there is no purpose in the effort. Do you have a constant feeling of guilt and taking blame for things that are not even your responsibility?

You might feel worthless to one person, but you are priceless to another.”Author unknown

Constant feeling of anxiety

Restlessness and agitation are your every day’s companions. Even the possibility of the smallest conflict sends you into a blind panic. You can’t stay in one place and every additional sound is dancing on your last nerve.

Feeling of emptiness

Some days are just empty holes that suck your soul away. You feel so sad, no hope for today, tomorrow, or even the next year. You feel like nothing exists in your future you could be looking forward to.

You can’t sleep well

Sleeping disturbances such as sleeping too much or having insomnia can both be signs of developing depression. Either you cannot fall asleep at all, or you just need to sleep forever. Furthermore, you have a constant feeling that you don’t belong to the world you’re living in. You have a constant feeling that something is missing.

You’ve lost interest in the activities you enjoyed

Your partner is getting angry with you because you are never interested in anything. All you want to do now is sit and read, or watch shows, or sleep yet you cannot explain where is this apathy coming from. Neither can they, but someone has to deal with it.

Suicidal thoughts

Do you have frequent contemplations about death? You may start daydreaming of that place of peace and quiet where we all go after we cease to exist. You shouldn’t let yourself to these kinds of thoughts.

Did you recognize yourself in more than one of these?

If you do, make an appointment to see your doctor as soon as you can. We know how hard it is to seek treatment, but at least talk to a friend, a loved one or someone else you believe you can trust. Tell them about your feelings, unburden a little and let them help you decide what do to next.

Did you recognize someone close to you having these symptoms?

Talk to them, try to understand what they are going through and offer your help. If you think they are already suicidal, make sure someone stays with that person and call your local emergency number. You could also take the person to the nearest emergency room, just in case everything doesn’t become too late.

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