Staying Productive Takes More Than Just Discipline

Being productive allows you to accomplish tasks that you have set out to do and reap the rewards in the end. Productivity is one of the keys to becoming successful in your professional and personal
life, and it requires discipline, focus, and efforts to sustain it. But did you know that staying productive involves embracing good habits and kicking bad ones? It might be easier said than done, but if you are aware of what you need to get rid off in the way you think and do, then you have a greater chance to succeed in life and be better prepared to face challenges that will be thrown your way. So start realizing what these bad habits are that can derail your productivity journey. In case you haven’t got a clue what they are, we’ve spelled them out for you.

Not learning

Computer Keyboard e-Learning Concept.We are taught to walk, talk, eat, clean and dress up when we were little. We didn’t just wake up one day to start doing these activities. We learned how to. The same principle applies now that we’re all grown up – we do what we do because we make decisions to learn things. To stay productive, we need to continue with our quest for new information and knowledge and acquiring more skills. Which brings us to our next point:

Being complacent

Having a constant thirst for knowledge makes us dynamic individuals. The silent enemy of productivity is complacency, and you know that the latter is winning if you can’t seem to level up to become more successful in your career or even relationship. Something seems to be amiss, but you just can’t put your finger on it. In all likelihood, you’re too enveloped in your comfort zone that you’re afraid to take chances to see what more you can do. You’re satisfied with the status quo but deep down, there’s that nagging thought that you can still push yourself further.

Letting frustration get in the way

Perhaps one reason for not trying to exert more efforts is that you are afraid of failure or that you have been disappointed a lot of times when things didn’t go well your way. It’s quite normal for you to get frustrated once in a while, but that should not prevent you from moving on and learning from the experience. Frustration hampers productivity and your momentum to carry on, but if you would just turn that negative feeling into something positive, then all would be well in no time. Learn from the experience and don’t be afraid to look at your other options so that you can proceed to your next task or objective.

“All bad habits start slowly and gradually and before you know you have the habit, the habit has you” 

-Zig Ziglar

Devoting more time to social networks

Being active in social media lets you stay in touch with your family, friends, and acquaintances, and learn new information. But you need to allot a specific time for social media, as being too engrossed in it is counterproductive. The time you spend on the network should also be very limited, to say the least, because once you start on it, it may be hard to let go. Be sure to spend your social network activity during your downtime, and train yourself to stick to a time limit.

Staying inactive

Living a sedentary life is another way of stifling your productivity. You need to exercise regularly to stay in shape and feel more energetic. Spend at least 20-30 minutes a day to flex those muscles and bring up some sweat. If you want to take it a step further, get into yoga to also work on both your body and your mind. The more energy you have, the higher is your potential to stay productive. 

Refusing to take advice

Hand writing What Do You Think with blue marker on transparent wipe board.

It may be hard to ask advice from people, because of a combination of feelings – pride, insecurity, or fear of being rejected. As a result, you tend to figure things out for yourself. While there’s nothing wrong from being self-reliant, it is always better to seek help from others when needed, particularly about something that you have not experienced before or if something confuses you. Don’t be afraid to ask the experts on the subject matter. Being able to look at more than one idea helps you evaluate situations better and make sounder decisions. 

Too much focus on details

While there is nothing wrong in being attentive to details, do not put too much emphasis on these and lose sight of the ‘big picture.’ Every task or job that you do has a purpose, and you have an objective in mind. So pay more attention to what you’re aiming for than to the nitty-gritty of how you’ll do it.

Doing things at the same time

Some people think that multi-tasking equals being productive. That is not entirely true because when this happens, your focus and efforts are divided. One or all of the work that you’re doing may likely suffer in terms of quantity and quality. People who have reached and maintained success all agree that you should focus your attention and channel your efforts to one endeavor at a time to get optimum results. Do not spread yourself too thin.

Not being honest with yourself

You have to face reality for what it is and make the most of any situation that you’re in and the ones that come your way. Don’t run away from your issues and problems but start facing them and making a plan on how to deal with them head-on. It may be daunting at times, but there are people who can help you if you just keep an open mind about seeking advice and support.

Being with negative people

You cannot avoid meeting and working with negative people. But you can do something about shielding yourself from their ‘bad vibes’ so that you won’t get infected by their pessimistic disposition. You can’t stay productive if you have people who have nothing but unfavorable things to say or do not offer much help when you need it. Steer clear of such people and instead hang around with those whose attitude is the exact opposite.

Now that you have a long list of the habits that you should stop doing keeping a tight rein on your productivity level would be much easier to do.

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