4 Practical ways to Overcome Procrastination To Finally Move Forward

Procrastination. Just one simple word but have a powerful and dreadful meaning. Dreadful in a sense where we felt like everything around us just stops, as if time had frozen. Halting us from doing what we’re currently supposed to do. The longer we dwell with procrastination, the harder it seems to us to get back. It feels like we’ve been digging our holes until we can no longer get back up.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also feel guilty about the time we procrastinated for doing something unproductive rather than accomplishing our tasks and goals. Deep inside we know that delaying our dreams, goals, and priorities mean delaying our success. Which is equally dangerous if we ever get stuck to it forever.

How do we overcome procrastination and finally start moving forward on working towards our goals? Here are our top 4 practical ways to overcome procrastination and finally do something productive on your end.

1. Divide and Conquer Strategy

The number one reason why we procrastinate is because we feel like the work or task given to us is very big, complex, and a tedious work. It’s so big that we feel like it overwhelms us. Instead of constantly worrying about how you can finish that major project on time, try to break them into segments, sub-tasks, and milestones. In this way, your burden will be alleviated and you’ll feel like it’s easier for you now to achieve that task or goal.

divide and conquer

List down the tasks or steps that need to be done in order to fully accomplish your project. And when you’re done, focus on conquering these sub-tasks one at a time. Don’t let yourself worry about the other tasks. You only need to focus on achieving one. And when you’re done, it’s time for you to move to the next one. Setting up a quick, tangible goal will motivate you in accomplishing it sooner than later. And you’ll find yourself completing the entire task without you realizing it.

2. Create a detailed timeline with specific deadlines.

This is actually in relation to number 1. Once you’re done writing or listing down the goals or subtasks you need to achieve, it simply doesn’t end there. The next step is you need to set a realistic, specific, and tangible deadline to each task. And by specific we don’t mean you listing down “this coming Monday”, or “Next Week”, “Next month”. Why? It’s because it’s not specific at all. Instead, you should write “January 30, 2017”, “First Week of March 2017”.


The problem with not setting a specific deadline is you tend to delay your progress because you’re thinking that there will always be tomorrow to do it. Sure, you’ve set your deadline to “next week” but be mindful that there will always be “next week”. Do you mean “next week” of July? The week after? Or the next week after month? Or maybe next year? You need to be specific with your deadlines.

3. Monitor Your Time or Browsing History

Now that we’ve listed what goals you need to accomplish as well as setting up a specific deadline to beat, it’s time for you to get rid of your procrastination triggers. We need you to do the actual working, otherwise, your plan will remain a plan. And you will still procrastinate. So, how do we do that?

We can get rid of procrastination by monitoring your work time or your browsing history. Identify what apps, software, or activities that take a lot of your time. The next one is to identify whether that said activity is productive or not. If it’s the latter, then you need to get rid of that activity and spend your time in doing your current tasks or goal. Surely, 4 hours of browsing Facebook is not productive, right? So lessen your browsing time and spend it on something productive.

4. Surround Yourself with Things who Inspire you To Take Action

Now that you’ve sorted out your internal conflict, it’s time to reflect it to the outside. No matter how strong your willpower are, if the people around you are discouraging you from doing something good and instead procrastinate, you’ll be getting nowhere. So surround yourself who supports you in your goals and who inspire you to keep moving to help you accomplish your dreams.

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