Whether it’s procrastination, chaotic life, and failed marriage or relationships, we always have a reason to be demotivated from pursuing the things we want in life. Although we have a burning desire to pursue our dreams, it never seems enough to get us going.

For some reason, we find ourselves frozen whenever we start working on our dreams. We don’t know what it is, but something keeps holding us back from realizing full potential. To put it simply, we’re unmotivated to do anything.

“The only time you fail is when you fall down and stay down.”
Stephen Richards

Even when you have all the resources and support, why do you still feel demotivated to achieve goals? Here are the three dreadful reasons:

You’re Afraid of Failing

Let’s face it; we’re all scared of failing. Everyone dreads the pain that comes with the failure to achieve goals and targets. Moreover, we fret at the thought of disappointing the people who have high expectations for us. We’re afraid of letting them down. As if it is not enough, we get afraid that someone else might steal the zenith of our glory and that our efforts and work are far from perfection.

Your fear is the number one reason that’s holding you back.  It eats you up, washing away any desire to keep moving. To overcome your fear, you need to accept the fact that failure is a learning lesson. After all, no one is perfect. Don’t let fear rule you.

Actually, when you’re doing nothing to achieve your dreams, it’s like you declaring that you’re already a failure. Therefore, don’t give up without trying. It;s better to fail, knowing that you tried. Along the way, you’ll have gained lessons to help you improve and become the better version of yourself.

You always think about the negativity in your life

Another reason why we’re unmotivated to do anything is that we feel like we’re epic failures. We always see the downside in us.What we don’t realize is that we may have failed to do our current task or goal, but we still have time to work on it some other time. Therefore, instead of sulking and chastising yourself for another failed deed, gather the courage to move on and make-up today by taking action.

You don’t believe that you’re talented.

Most people procrastinate because they don’t believe enough in themselves. They don’t have enough confidence to believe that they can achieve and accomplish their dreams. In fact, they hold the belief that other people are way better than them.

This kind of thinking boosts inferiority complex. You need to believe that you can do it, because if you can’t, who else will? Believe that you possess the necessary skills and abilities to achieve your dream. The only missing ingredient is your self-confidence.

Overcoming procrastination is a difficult task, but with conscious efforts and discipline in yourself, you will be able to overcome it! Remember, nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself!

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