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Holistic Rehab Choices to Cure Addiction

We all know the pain, burden, and suffering we experience when we, or people we know and love fall for addiction. Whether it’s about drugs, alcohol, or smoking addiction, it is detrimental not only to the victim’s health but it also wreaks its relationship with family and loved ones.

Rehabilitation centers are there to offer rehabilitation services to help victims cope with their predicaments. However, we cannot deny that sometimes, rehabs are not enough to completely cure addiction. Some patients still don’t find the inner sense of peace and as a result, they relapse.

“The unfortunate thing about this world is that good habits are so much easier to give up than bad ones.”

~ ~Somerset Maugham

If you think that your rehabilitation is not working anymore, you might want to to try another approach: holistic rehab.

So, What is Holistic Rehab?

holistic rehab

Holistic rehab is a type of rehabilitation that goes beyond the traditional, clinical rehab. It aims to not only heal your addiction, which is often a medical attention but also improve the other aspects of yourself. It will target to heal your body, mind, and soul. Holistic rehab approach focuses on establishing various activities to help you find your peace in the soul to make you whole again.

Types of Holistic Rehabs

Holistic rehabs are good because they offer various choices. You don’t need to put up with a boring remission as with clinical rehabilitation. The choice you make depends on your strength, skills, or preference. Here are the types of holistic rehabs you can choose from.


Yoga is not only performed by people seeking to lose weight and live healthy lifestyles. The benefits of yoga extend further. Yoga is a form of meditation that can help you achieve an inner peace of mind, body, and soul. It will help you clear your mind, assess your situation in a calmer mood. Besides that, it restores you spiritually.

Sat Bir Khalsa, director of the Kundalini Research Institute and an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School wrote a study on an Indian pilot program which featured yoga as the primary intervention in a substance-abuse treatment.

“When people take substances, they’re seeking a certain experience, whether it’s escapist or transcendental or just wanting a different psychological state, to get away from whatever is making them unhappy. Yoga is an alternative, a positive way to generate a change in consciousness that, instead of providing an escape, empowers people with the ability to access a peaceful, restorative inner state that integrates mind, body, and spirit.”

Art therapy


Not all patients are capable of expressing themselves to other people. Often, people have trouble opening up to other people due to fear of being judged and betrayal of trust. If that’s the case, holistic rehabilitation could help the victim cope through non-verbal expression.

You can conduct art therapy as your holistic rehab. Art therapy helps patients express their thoughts, opinions, emotions, and feelings through painting, drawing, or writing. It serves as their outlet through which they vent out their frustrations, anxiety, and stress. Furthermore, art therapy helps patients to them unleash their inner creativity.

Equine therapy

Patients who want to have some thrill and adrenaline rush in their rehabilitation can try this equine therapy. We all know that animals can be natural stress-relievers. We can make them our friends as we need something to hold on and keep us grounded as we cope up with addiction. Apart from that, the thrill of having to enter a friendly race will help you boost your confidence.

This type of therapy makes you feel as if you’re slowly regaining your control in life. You become more than inspired to do things better and to fight and overcome addiction because you don’t want it to dictate your life. If you’re not fond of horses, you can also deal with dogs, cats, rabbits, or any animals you’re fond of.

To overcome addiction, you don’t just require clinical therapy. You need to repair your broken self to become a whole person again. And to do that, you must restore your peace, balance, and unity in your body, mind, and soul.

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