Quarter-life crisis, midlife crisis, we often heard this term from adults ho seemed to have some trouble finding themselves as well as their mission and purpose in this world. When we get to experienced these type of crisis, we felt like it was a terrifying phase in our life that we never wanted to go again. But we guessed we really couldn’t blame them for feeling this way. Because it is indeed terrifying.

There will be a point in our lives where we start questioning the things we’ve learned ever since we’re young. We start doubting everything we’ve taught of. We start asking our principles. This is also the time where we start to find ourselves. Where do we really want to go? Are we happy with our current job? Are we not happy with what we’re doing anymore? Is it worth to follow and pursue our dreams? These are just some of the questions running through our mind as we faced this crisis. What’s worse was that we don’t even know the answer to our questions.

Okay, maybe not really. The truth is, most of us have known the answers to our questions all along. However, oftentimes the answer to our questions poses a terrible decision and conflict to the reality. Maybe we were torn between having a stable job but we’re not happy deep inside, or pursue your passion but risking your job and financial stability? Or maybe you’re torn to follow your dreams because you’re afraid your family and friends may be disappointed in what they expect from you.

Whatever the reason may be, let us help you by shedding some light with these powerful yet inspirational books to finally find your purpose and make peace with yourself.

1. Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins


One of the reasons why we’re having a life crisis is the fact that we don’t even know our true potential. We don’t know what strength, skills, and abilities we possessed in order to achieve our dream and become the best version of ourselves. However, this book will help you change your internal point of view and expand your horizon in order to unleash the “giant” within you. That giant is your true potential that can help you overcome the obstacles you’re facing in your life and become the best in your chosen field.

2. You Can Heal Your Life

Another reason why we’re always holding back from pursuing our dreams is because we felt like we’re not good enough to achieve it. We felt like we didn’t deserve that kind of dream. We often think that someone out there will always be better than us, and beat us. While that may be true, but dwelling on in this kind of mindset will get you nowhere. You will forever be stuck in your current life. And oftentimes it will lead into regret since you’ll come to realize that you should’ve done something in order to achieve your dreams, but now, you don’t have enough time to realize it.

This book, on the other hand, will help you overcome your inferiority complex and boost the confidence you have inside you. It will heal all the broken mindset you have in your life by getting rid of all the negativities you have in life. As you read this book, you’ll get to identify what are the things that are holding you back, straying you away from achieving your dreams and how to change these negative thoughts into a positive one to increase your productivity.

3. The Road Less Traveled


Lastly, we sometimes hold ourselves back from achieving your dreams and breaking limits is because we fear to face the uncertainty. Maybe your parents told you to take a nursing or accounting course because it’s in-demand, but your passion lies in something creative. But then you know deep inside that artists rarely earned hefty amounts of money to sustain themselves. That alone may be enough to put you off. Since lesser people are now traveling this road of uncertainty, you definitely wouldn’t want to risk yourself.

We understand that fear underlying beneath you, but you must not let your fear conquer your dreams. Remember that every one of us is unique. We possessed that ability or skills where we can stand out and excel among others, so don’t limit yourself and be brave to carve your own path. Remember, your only limit is the one you’ve put in yourself.

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