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Killer Drugs – The Most Lethal Drugs Taking Away Many Lives

It can be said that America has been facing a crisis. The opioid drug epidemic killed over 33,000 people back in 2015, and not all of those deaths came from well-known drugs like heroin. Here are some names you might want to remember as these drugs are responsible for a lot of deaths in the few recent years.

“Drugs are a waste of time. They destroy your memory and your self-respect and everything that goes along with your self esteem.”
Kurt Cobain


This potent drug, pharmaceutically used for pain relief, rivals heroin in the number of overdose deaths. Traffickers are mixing illicitly manufactured fentanyl (also known as IMF) which, according to some experts, is anywhere between twenty and a hundred times more potent than heroin, with heroin itself. Some of the traffickers are even substituting it for heroin often without the knowledge of their users, which makes it even deadlier.

Often people using it will not know what substance they are taking at all. As such, they easily get overdosed, believing that they are using something less potent. This mistake can easily cost people’s lives. In fact, it is not a rarity. A recent study from the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control found that 73% of users who tested positive for fentanyl claim they did not take it. Last year, only in New Hampshire, over 250 people died from fentanyl-related overdoses.

Para-methoxyamphetamine (PMA, killer, red Mitsubishi)

This drug, while less potent than fentanyl, is still incredibly dangerous due to its similarity to ecstasy. Pure para-methoxyamphetamine is a white powder. However, when being sold in the streets, it is usually colored, pressed into pills and sold as MDMA (commonly known as ecstasy). Even small doses of PMA can significantly increase blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate. And since people tend to buy a lot of pills thinking they are ecstasy, they increase the likelihood of suffering from a PMA overdose.

This risk is far-reaching. A recent research done in Florida shows that five out of seven Ecstasy-related deaths in Orange and Osceola counties, back in the year 2000, actually involved this drug. The first sign of an overdose is a rapidly increasing body heat. Therefore, seek medical help as soon as possible if you find someone severely overheating in the club.

Flakka (also known as alpha-PVP)

“This is the worst drug I have ever seen in my 18 years of law enforcement across the boardnothing compares.

These are the words of Sheriff Johnny Bivens of Lewis County. The delirium caused by this drug is well documented and was even viral a couple of years ago. Back then, in a highly publicized case, a man in Florida, high on flakka, attempted to eat another man’s face while the police were shooting at him.

The delirium caused by this drug makes it lethal even without consuming an overdose. The National Institute on Drug Abuse warns:

“Alpha-PVP can cause a condition called excited delirium that involves hyper-stimulation, paranoia, and hallucinations that can lead to violent aggression and self-injury. The drug has been linked to deaths by suicide as well as heart attack. It can also dangerously raise body temperature and lead to kidney damage or kidney failure.” 

Similarly to previous two drugs, with this one, one of the issues is that overdoses are very probable. This is thanks to the fact that every batch has inconsistent levels of purity. Tests have shown that some batches are 3-4% pure while others went up to 90%.

The drug problem was so prominent that Sheriff Bivens of Lewis County reported having to respond to three flakka-related calls every day. Usually, when encountering someone high on flakka, they had to be involved in intense physical encounters to try and apprehend the user. The paranoia caused by flakka was so severe that they usually thought the authorities were there to kill them. They, therefore, fought with ferocity, causing the police to use the force.

Krokodil (Desomorphine)

Possibly one of the most dangerous drugs out there. It is very popular in Russia but is making it’s way to the western world due to its low price – being 1/3 cheaper than heroin. However, it is way more dangerous. Krokodil can be homemade (and often is), and ingredients tend to be improvised, while some are commonly found in drugs like painkillers and iodine. The ‘manufacturers’ also use lighter fluid, industrial cleaning agents, and other chemicals (like phosphorous from matchbox strike pads), making a highly dangerous mixture which can even lead to the rotting of the flesh on the person using it.

The biggest issue of this drug is that an addict can easily mix it himself, at his own home, and the high lasts for 90 minutes to two hours. Another problem is that it is up to 7 times more dangerous than heroin and life expectancy of a krokodil addict is around a single year’s time.

The name of the drug comes from the fact that it is highly caustic and will make an addict’s skin to become green, scaly, and bumpy. However, if the addict misses a vein and injects the drug into flesh, it will develop abscesses and sometimes rot off completely, leaving only bare bone. Even if they decide to stop using it, the horrible pain of withdrawal is so savage and lasts for an entire month. Therefore, doctors have to use extremely potent tranquilizers to prevent the addict from passing out from the pain. And then if they get clean, the addicts are sometimes left with permanent brain damage.

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