The 7 Signs of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction has always been a menace to society. Young and old alike, rich or poor, drugs in their many forms have been around to threaten the well-being of just about any individual. The well-known fact that some celebrities or famous people do drugs does not help at all. What everyone needs to do then is to understand how a single dose or a couple of grams could impact on a person. A moment of promised ecstasy or relaxed state-of-mind makes you keep coming back for more. Education is key to knowing why you should stay away from the substance altogether. Let’s set aside the harmful physical effects of addiction like the sweats and chills, and zero in on the most significant ones – those that transform you into a different person:


It is at the top of the list because this is THE main reason why people get hooked on drugs. The majority of junkies become what they are because of the cloud-9 feeling that makes them forget their woes. But once the effect wears off temporarily, you’re back to reality.


In between fixes, you revert to your old worrisome self who can’t wait to get your next dose. If you’re not rich, how do get your hands on some cash to get your fix? These are just a few of the triggers that make you anxious.


You still have not gotten your fix, and so you suddenly see yourself feeling so insanely happy yesterday but downright snappy the next day. Even stuff that used to cheer you up doesn’t seem to do the trick.


Fidgeting all the time and sometimes bordering on paranoia – we see this character of a typical addict being played tirelessly in soaps and movies. Well, it’s true. All those chemicals slowly eating their way into your system are doing a fine job in turning you into a wreck.


You get so disgusted and easily angry at just about anything.Your solution: to get that next dose as soon as possible.


Junkies are predisposed to act irrationally. Almost all of the crimes in the world are drug-induced or drug related. The harmful ingredients of drugs bring lasting adverse effects on the body that wreak havoc to your otherwise normal physiological processes. Your brain simply cannot function well.


People tell you that you’ve become a different person. You laugh it off and tell them that you’ve never felt better in your entire life. They point to you that you’ve been such a weirdo these days because you switch from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde at an instant. Running away from the truth that you’re no longer the same you is your subconscious mind working, and the drugs helping.

These are all the telltale signs of a true junky. The effects cannot be overemphasized. What we really must understand is that the personality-transforming power of substance abuse is as dangerous to the user as it is to other people.

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