How Do You Treat Your ‘Get-High’ Fix Without Drugs or Alcohol?

You Don’t Need Drugs To Get High

Almost all of those who have gone into substance abuse have done so because of the feel-good experience the drugs bring. They turn to pills, alcohol, and many other drug forms to get to that one place where they are worry-free and in a state of peace and unexplained happiness. The euphoric effect of drugs is the presumed cure for all problems that the users have, without realizing the addicting and damaging consequence they inflict on people. But do you know that you can get your euphoric fix without resorting to substance abuse?  Believe it or not, there are ways to achieve the same desired effect. You only need to open your mind to the possibilities and perhaps try one for yourself to see what we mean.


Those who know how to meditate and do it regularly will agree that the activity allows them to get into that altered state of mind where their bodies are completely relaxed and calm. Gone are all worries and stress, and you could almost feel your soul being devoid of any negative emotions that you just let yourself be transported to that plane of pleasant existence. The good thing about it is that once the euphoric feeling disappears, you just get out of the meditative state with no harm done on your body. 

Kundalini Yoga

It is the type of yoga that lets you breathe and concentrate deeply so that you can be in touch with your “higher self.” There are schools where you can learn how to practice this exercise, and once you know how to do it, you are able to experience a somewhat drunken state of mind, but one that leaves you feeling so calm and high.

Bikram Yoga

Unlike Kundalini, Bikram requires you to do more than twenty poses within a 90-minute period while inside a hot room. As unpleasant as the experience might be, those who regularly do Bikram yoga report of having a feeling of high and happiness whenever each session is completed. The “hot yoga” therefore, can surprisingly give that high fix.



Though it costs a little more than the other alternatives, there is no doubt that sky diving promises an adrenalin-pumping experience that will leave you immensely excited, breathless, and totally feeling high. Not for the fainthearted, the adventure never fails to give the diver a heart-racing moment from the time he leaves the plane until landing.

Sleep Deprivation

Those who have tried not getting any sleep and going about their usual ways will agree that the experience makes you lethargic and not conscious of what you’re saying and doing. Although it is not really advisable to deliberately deprive your body of its much-needed rest, this option, when it happens, does provide you the same high as you would get from drugs or alcohol.  If this means staying away from such harmful substances, then you may want to try it sometimes.




You read it right. The classic hula hooping can be a great source of high in a fun way. Invented in 1958 by Arthur K. Melin and Richard Knerr, the use of the toy hoop has since become a different and entertaining form of past-time. The repetitive circling body movements also give the abs, legs and even neck, a good amount of workout.

Roller Coasters

Just like skydiving, riding a roller coaster provides a quick and heart-stopping moment of sheer excitement and euphoria and your body is transported to every twist, turn, and upside-down movement of the ride. It’s especially thrilling when you do this recreation with friends or family who can get high with you in just a few minutes. 

Clary Sage Oil Baths

The clary sage oil is found to greatly aid in increasing blood circulation, improve eyesight, and support the digestive system. For women, the oil is useful to help in hormone balance and regulate the menstrual cycle. Soaking in a warm bath using the oil gives a guaranteed feeling of relaxation, making you feel exhilarated and light-headed.



Biofeedback therapy involves using a machine to electronically monitor certain automatic bodily functions. The therapist can see in the monitor when you’re under stress, and you can get feedback whenever you are able to stop your stress responses. The objective is to enable you to practice relaxation and eventually learn techniques on how to train your body to relieve tension and just relax.


It is said that self-hypnotism is the best, most natural way to get that high feeling. Those who have tried it have said that they are transported to the innermost recesses of their brain, making them subconsciously transition. The experience may be rather hard to clearly explain, but it is worth considering.

You don’t need to be a slave of drugs and alcohol to feel utmost euphoria. Your endorphins are just happily waiting to be unleashed in a harmless, more natural way. Just get creative and explore! 

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